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pdf Japan - India Strategic Dialogue co-hosted by the Japan Institute of International Affairs, Ananta Aspen Centre and the Confederation of Indian Industry (2017-05-24)

pdf Special Conribution to "Kokusai Mondai," No.661 by Dr. Gerald Chan, Professor of Politics and International Relations in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Auckland
"From Laggard to Superpower: Explaining China's High-Speed Rail ‘Miracle’"

pdf Special Conribution to "Kokusai Mondai," No.661 by Dr. Rosemary Foot, Emeritus Fellow of St Antony's College, University of Oxford
"China and the International Human Protection Regime: Beliefs, Power and Status in a Changing Normative Order"

pdf Column: [US-China Relations Report] Vol.3 "Australia and US-China Relations" / Yusuke Ishihara (2016-04-26)

pdf Column: [US-China Relations Report] Vol.5 "US-China Relations and the Korean Peninsula" / Hideya Kurata (2016-03-31)

pdf Column: [US-China Relations Report] Vol.4 "US‐China Relations and Climate Change: Tackling the Global Agenda" / Hiroshi Ota (2016-03-22)

pdf Column: [US-China Relations Report] Vol.7 "The Three Noes and Four Noes" / Yoshifumi Nakai (2016-03-22)

pdf Column: [US-China Relations Report] Vol.6 "Key Points of Contention in US‐China Economic Relations" / Hideo Ohashi (2016-03-22)

pdf Column: [US-China Relations Report] Vol.1 "The Fog Surrounding China's Cyber Security" / Motohiro Tsuchiya (2015-09-11)

pdf Special Contribution to KOKUSAI MONDAI No.637, December 2014 issue: "National Interest and Japan's Foreign Aid Policy" / Purnendra Jain (2014-12-15)

pdf Special Contribution to KOKUSAI MONDAI No.636, November 2014 issue: "The Whaling Case: Australian Perspectives" / Donald R. Rothwell (2014-11-14)

pdf Special Contribution to KOKUSAI MONDAI No.634, September 2014 issue: "Economics Still Trumps Politics Between Japan and China" / Shiro Armstrong (2014-09-12)

pdf Special Contribution to KOKUSAI MONDAI No.633 July-August 2014 issue : "The Middle-income Trap Debate: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead" / Veerayooth Kanchoochat (2014-07-14)

pdf Column: "Rebuilding Peace Building: Five Insights from a Japanese Perspective" / Hideaki Asahi, Adjunct Fellow, JIIA / Former Japanese Ambassador to East Timor (2014-05-29)

pdf Special Contribution to KOKUSAI MONDAI No.630, April 2014 issue: "The Obama Administration's Policy toward Russia: a Moscow Perspective" / Dr. Dmitri Trenin (2014-04-15)

pdf Special Contribution to KOKUSAI MONDAI June 2013 Issue titled "Endgame: Challenges for the United States in finalizing the TPP Negotiations" / Mireya Solís(2013-06-14)

pdf Special Contribution to KOKUSAI MONDAI June 2013 Issue titled "FTAs in the Asia-Pacific: a Chinese Perspective" / Zhang Yunling and Shen Minghui(2013-06-14)

pdf Special Contribution to KOKUSAI MONDAI Sep 2012 Issue titled "U.S. Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula: Accomplishments and Future Challenges" Scott Snyder, Senior Fellow for Korea Studies, Council on Foreign Relations.(2012-09-14)

pdf 2011-2012 JIIA Research Project "Policies Needed to Ensure Japan's International Competitiveness" (2012-06-07)

pdf Special Contribution to KOKUSAI MONDAI (INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS) Jan-Feb 2012 Issue titled "Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake -Toward a Japan More Open to the World -" IOKIBE Makoto, President, National Defense Academy of Japan(2012-01-15)

pdf Column: "Is it in Japan's interest to abandon nuclear power ?" Tetsuya Endo, Senior Adjunct Fellow of JIIA and Former Vice Chairman of Japan Atomic Energy Commission (2011-08-24)

pdf The World and Japan's Foreign Policy in the Future: Prospects in 20 Years (Provisional Translation) (2011-05-20)

pdf Column: "On Multilateralism -Ideas and Actions of a World Banker-" Research paper written by Hideaki Asahi, Professor of the University of Tokyo and Adjunct Fellow of JIIA.(2010-12-03)

pdf U.S.-Japan-India Strategic Dialogue, September 22-24, 2010 Washington,D.C (2010-10-28)

pdf JIIA Public Symposium: Strengthening Japan-Pacific Islands Countries Partnership.(2010-09-13) On September 13, JIIA invited policy-makers and experts from Japan and Pacific Island countries and held a public symposium “Strengthening Japan-Pacific Island Countries Partnership.” It drew an audience of almost 200 and vibrant, fruitful discussion was held between Japan and PIC panelists. JIIA recently submitted a summary report and policy recommendations to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the coming Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM) Mid-Term Ministerial Conference to be held on October 16.(2010-09-13)

pdf ASEAN Study Group Report (2010-03-31) (2010-09-06)

pdf EU Foreign Policy after the Lisbon Treaty: Challenges and Opportunities Baroness Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Vice-President of the European Commission (2010-08-25)

pdf The Fifth Japan - Australia Track 1.5 Dialogue (2010-03-31) (2010-08-10)

pdf "Policy Recommendations for Strengthening Global Non-Proliferation Architecture to Facilitate Peaceful Use without Increasing the Risk of Nuclear Proliferation"(2010-4-28) (2010-04-28)

pdf U.S.-Japan-India Strategic Dialogue December 4 -6, 2009 Tokyo,Japan (2009-12-06) (2009-12-06)

pdf Maritime cooperation: challenges and opportunities Dr Anthony Bergin, Director of Research Programs, ASPI (2009-08-20)

pdf Defence and security policy developments in Australia Dr Mark Thomson, The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (2009-08-20)

pdf Obama's administration's foreign and security policy, and its implications for Australia Dr Rod Lyon, The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (2009-08-20)

pdf Obama Administration's Foreign and Security Policy and its Implications for Australia and Japan Dr Eiichi Katahara, The National Institute for Defense Studies (2009-08-19)

pdf Developments in Japan's Defense and Security Policy -With a Focus on Cooperation with Australia- Dr Tatsuo Akaneya, The University of Tsukuba (2009-08-19)

pdf Maritime Cooperation : Challenges and Opportunities -Japanese Perspective- VADM (ret) Hideaki Kaneda (2009-08-19)

pdf "Global Strategic Challenges as Played Out in Asia" - The 2nd IISS-JIIA Conference (2009-06-03)

pdf "Peace-Building in Practice: Lessons from the Ground" - Forging Japan's New Strategy for Peace Building -
Research paper written by Hideaki Asahi, Professor of International Relations and Graduate Program on Human Security at the University of Tokyo and Senior Adjunct Fellow at JIIA. (2009-04-22)

pdf U.S.-Japan-India Strategic Dialogue (2009-03-01)

pdf Afghanistan : Japan's Experiences Revisited (2008-12-15)

pdf "Asia's Strategic Challenges: In Search of a Common Agenda".
- Policy Recommendations for G8 from IISS-JIIA Tokyo Conference
The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) held an international forum in partnership with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) to commemorate IISS's 50th anniversary. Titled "Asia's Strategic Challenges: In Search of a Common Agenda," the forum brought together a medium-sized group of leaders of government, business, academia, and media from Asia and its global partners to discuss environmental, energy, proliferation, and other security challenges most acutely facing Asian states and ideas for forging a common security agenda. (2008-06-04)

pdf "Atoms for the Sustainable Future: Recommendations on Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century" A taskforce organized by The Japan Institute of International Affairs submitted on January 9 to Japanese Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura a policy report calling for a "balanced approach" to nuclear energy, one that would promote nuclear energy while adequately and effectively addressing various nuclear risks. (2008-03-19)

pdf The 4th Australia and Japan 1.5 Track Security Dialogue, 10-11 December 2007, Canberra. Proceedings. (2007-12-11)

pdf "Japan's Missile Defense: Diplomatic and Security Policies in a Changing Strategic Environment" (2007-03-31)

pdf "Resolving the North Korean Nuclear Problem: A Regional Approach and the Role of Japan" (2005-07-22)

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JIIA Annual Brochure 2018

A highlight of JIIA's recent activities and a summary of its organization.



Kokusai Mondai (International Affairs)

No.668 January-February 2018 "The Unstable International Order"

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Vol.1 No.2 Winter 2017


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