Toshihiro Nakayama

    Adjunct Fellow

Toshihiro Nakayama is a Professor of American Politics and Foreign Policy at the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University. He is also an Adjunct Fellow at the Japan Institute of International Affairs. He was a Special Correspondent for the Washington Post at the Far Eastern Bureau (1993-94), Special Assistant at the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations in New York (1996-98), Senior Research Fellow at The Japan Institute of International Affairs (2004-06), Associate Professor at Tsuda College (2006-10), and Professor at Aoyama Gakuin University (2010-14). He was also a CNAPS Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution (2005-06). He received his M.A.(1993) and Ph.D.(2001) from Aoyama Gakuin University. He has written two books and numerous articles on American politics, foreign policy and international relations. He appears regularly on Japanese media. Writes a monthly column for Japan News. Recipient of Nakasone Yasuhiro Award (Incentive Award) in 2014.

Recent Publications:

  • "Rethinking Conservatism in the U.S.," Takeshi Igarashi & Fumiaki Kubo, eds., The Construct of Contemporary U.S. Politics (Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, 2009) [in Japanese].
  • "Between Pro-Americanism and Anti-Americanism: Objectivization of Penetrating America," Hirokatsu Kano & Miho Oshima, eds., Internationalization of Regional Studies (Tokyo: Bunka Shobo Hakubunsha, 2009) [in Japanese].
  • "How Barack Hussein Obama Sees the World: Thoughts on Preemptive Dialogue," Chuokoron[Central Review], (November 2009) [in Japanese].
  • "The Obama Phenomenon: Thoughts on 2008 Presidential Election," Rikkyo American Studies, No. 31 (2009) [in Japanese].
  • "The Politics of National Security: Generals, Civilians and the Framing of the Iraq War," Nanzan Review of American Studies, Vol. 30 (2008) [in English].
  • "US Foreign Policy and the Role of Think Tanks," Kokusaimondai, No. 575 (October 2008) [In Japanese, Co-authored with Yuki Tatsumi].
  • "2008 US Presidential Election and Ideological Drift in American Politics," Kokusaimondai, No. 568 (January/February 2008) [in Japanese].
  • "Liberal Hawk and Logic of Intervention," Fumiaki Kubo, ed., The Currents in US Foreign Thinking(Tokyo: The Japan Institute of International Affairs, 2007) [in Japanese].
  • "9.11 and Domestic Political Change: Comparative Study of US and UK," Japan Association for Comparative Politics, ed., Annals of the Japan Association for Comparative Politics: How Terrorism Transformed Politics, A Comparative Analysis, No. 9 (Tokyo: Waseda University Press, 2007) [in Japanese, co-authored with Takashi Narihiro].
  • "U.S. Conservatism Adrift," Chuokoron [Central Review], (July 2007) [in Japanese].
  • "Image of China in the American Mind," Seiichiro Takagi, ed., U.S.-China Relations After the Cold War(Tokyo: The Japan Institute of International Affairs Press, 2007) [in Japanese].