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No.243 The Rise of Protectionism and Japan's Trade Policy Shujiro Urata 24 March 2017
No.242 The Significance of the US Presidential Election
A Needed Reinstatement of Evidence-based Economic Policies
Akihiko Yasui 1 March 2017
No.241 Regulatory reform should be reaffirmed as the top priority in Abenomics' third arrow Hiroko Ohta 13 December 2016
No.240 Negotiations with Russia as a Part of Japan's Long-term Strategy Tsuyoshi Sunohara 25 November 2016
No.239 Brexit from an EU Perspective Ken Endo 21 November 2016
No.238 Tokyo 2020 to be Crucial Test for Future Olympic Games Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo 31 October 2016
No.237 Results of Thailand's National Referendum and Prospects for a Transition to Civilian Rules Yoshifumi Tamada 18 October 2016
No.236 Reforming Japanese Labor Markets Naohiro Yashiro 21 September 2016
No.235 Beyond US-China Relations: ASEAN in an Evolving Regional Order in Asia Tsutomu Kikuchi 20 September 2016
No.234 Impact of the House of Councillors Election Yoichi Serikawa 8 September 2016
No.233 Toward TPP Approval by the Japanese Diet Junichi Sugawara 3 August 2016
No.232 New Driving Forces of China's Economic Growth—Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tomoo Marukawa 1 August 2016
No.231 The Xi Jinping Administration's Quest for Maritime Hegemony Hideaki Kaneda 13 July 2016
No.230 Ishikawa Prefecture's Strategies to Attract Overseas Visitors Yoshikazu Kitaguchi 30 June 2016
No.229 The Fiscal Costs of Unconventional Monetary Policy Mitsuhiro Fukao 19 May 2016
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