JIIA No.13 in 2014 global think tank rankings
JIIA has been ranked 13th out of about 6,600 think tanks around the world in annnal survey conducted by the TTCSP-Think Tank and Civil Society Program of the University of Pennsylvania. In Asia JIIA is the highest, which was the same position in the previous year. Total list of global ranking

JIIA Forum / Symposium

JIIA Open Symposium "Analysis of Key Actors' Views and Policies vis-á-vis China"(part 1)
(2015-02-09) Video

JIIA Open Symposium "Analysis of Key Actors' Views and Policies vis-á-vis China"(part 2)
(2015-02-09) Video

Professor Evgeniy Gontmaher, Deputy Director at IMEMO RAN
Theme: “The Development of the Russian Far East and Asia-Pacific Region"
(2014-12-08) Video

Theme: "U.S. Views on Asia and Japan"
Presenter: Chicago Council on Global Affairs
(Open access)
(2014-10-30) Video

Amb. Bruce Miller, Australian Ambassador to Japan
Theme: "Australia, Japan, and the world's premier economic forum: An Australian perspective on the G20"
(2014-09-26) Video

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International Conference

November 2013

Japan-US Kanazawa Conference(November 22-25 2013)
"A Changing World and the Japan-US Alliance"    [English]    [Japanese]

September 2013

The sixth Japan-New Zealand Track 1.5 Dialogue (23 September 2013)
-Digest (

June 2013

The 8th Japan–Australia Track 1.5 Dialogue (June 20–21,2013)
-Policy Recommendations

March 2013

The 19th Japan-U.S. Security Seminar, San Francisco (Mar 15-16, 2013)
New Governments, Renewed Purpose: the 19th Japan-US Security Seminar-A Conference Report (March, 2013)

The US-Japan alliance in action: Threats to thwart, opportunities to seize, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Washington, DC
(13 March 2013)
-Video streaming(

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AJISS-Commentary is an occasional op-ed type publication. It aims to present a variety of Japanese views on international relations to international intellectuals interested in Japanese external policy.

Achieving Economic Recovery in Japan by Expanding Inward Direct Investment
Shujiro Urata (10 February 2015)

How to Address Increasing Risks to Health Security ~ Lessons learned from SARS and pandemic influenza ~
Shigeru Omi (24 December 2014)

Japanese Companies Finally Begin Taking Steps to Ensure Active Roles for Women
Kimie Iwata (16 December 2014)

Food Safety Scandal and Sino-Japanese Relations
Tomoo Marukawa (12 September 2014)

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Ongoing Projects

Japanese Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific Age: Toward a Collaborative Relationship with Emerging Powers(FY2013-2014)

The Middle East as a Global Strategic Challenge – Outlook in 2030 and Responses(FY2013-2014)

Research on radical Islamist activities and strife over natural resources in the Sahara region – from the perspective of Middle Eastern states vis-à-vis global actors(FY2013-2014)

China Risk and Efforts toward Regional Economic Integration(FY2013-2014)

Rising Challenges for the Japan-U.S. Alliance in the Global Commons (Cyberspace, Outer Space, and the Arctic Ocean) (FY2013-2014)

Scenario Planning for the Korean Peninsula(FY2013-2014)

Research Outcomes

Japan's Territorial Issues and the Historical Understandings of the Concerned Countries – Case Studies on the Senkaku Islands, Takeshima and the Northern Territories – (FY2013)

The transformation of Russia's political system and its impact on foreign policy(FY2012)

The future of the Arab Spring(FY2012)

Humanitarian assistance trends in the international community and Japan's role(FY2012)

The security order in Asia (in particular, the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean)(FY2012)

The transformation of Russia's political system and its impact on foreign policy(FY2012)

China during a change of administration: overview of the Hu Jintao era and prospects for the Xi Jinping era(FY2012)

The present and future of regional integration(FY2012)

Arctic governance and Japan's diplomatic strategy(FY2012)

North Korea in 2012(FY2012)

New developments in US domestic and foreign affairs(FY2012)

More Projects and Outcomes

JIIA Annual Brochure 2014

A highlight of JIIA's recent activities and a summary of its organization.



Kokusai Mondai (International Affairs)

No.638 January-February 2015 Retrospect and Prospect: 70 Years of Post-war Japanese Diplomacy


What Do Alliances Mean to the US?
(Fumiaki Kubo ed., 2013)

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