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No.228 The Brexit Issue from an Economic Perspective Soko Tanaka 13 May 2016
No.227 Japan-Australia relations (with a particular focus on the security implications of the submarine deal) Takashi Saitoh 6 April 2016
No.226 The Abe Administration's "Pragmatic Policy Line" Katsuyuki Yakushiji 4 April 2016
No.225 Aiming for Inclusive Growth in Myanmar Aiko Doden 14 March 2016
No.224 South Korea's TPP Strategy: Reformulating a Dubious Growth Strategy Yukiko Fukagawa 10 March 2016
No.223 The Birth of a New Myanmar: The People's and the Military's Choices Toshihiro Kudo 14 January 2016
No.254 TEST TEST 1 January 2016
No.222 Prospects and Challenges for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Motoko Shuto 17 December 2015
No.221 Creating New Opportunities for Japanese Agriculture via the TPP and Export Promotion Masayoshi Honma 16 December 2015
No.220 The CHY issue becomes a global risk Toshiya Tsugami 5 November 2015
No.219 An Incomplete "Coronation": China's Military Parade and President Xi Jinping's US Visit Kenji Minemura 30 October 2015
No.218 Significance of the Guidelines for Japan-US Defense Cooperation and Japan's Defense Legislation in 2015 Yoji Koda 9 September 2015
No.217 Prime Minister Abe's Statement on the 70th Anniversary of the End of WWII: The Case for Japan's Public Diplomacy Akio Watanabe 31 August 2015
No.216 Japan and the ROK: In Search of a Renewed Relationship Masao Okonogi 9 July 2015
No.215 The Negative Effects of Disparities on Economic Growth Toshiaki Tachibanaki 7 July 2015
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