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Open Symposium "Postwar japan's 70 Years and Proactive Contribution to Peace --Striving for the Rule of Law in the Asia-Pacific Region--"(PartⅠ)  *Open access(2015-02-27)

PartⅠ: "Challenges Facing the Liberal International Order and Japan's Role"
Opening Remark: Yoshiji Nogami (President , JIIA)
Welcome Remarks: Eriko Yamatani (Minister in charge of Ocean Policy and Territorial integrity)
Keynote Speech: Richard Haass (President, Council on Foreign Relations)
Panel Discussion 1:

Shinichi Kitaoka (Dean, International University of Japan)

Valerie Niquet (Senior Research Fellow, Head of Asia department, Foundation for Strategic Research (FSR) (France)

Edward Schwarck (Research Fellow, Royal United Services Institute(RUSI)(U.K.)

Rizal Sukma (Executive Director, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)) (Indonesia)

(Moderator) Yoshiji Nogami (President, JIIA)