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JIIA Strategic Comments No.3 | 2018-12-06
"A Look Back at the 2018 US Midterm Elections"
   Naoko Funatsu (Research Fellow)

JIIA Forum / Symposium [Video streaming(open access)] | 2018-12-04
JIIA Open Symposium "Reviewing the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections" (2018-11-27)
  Dr. Fumiaki Kubo (Professor, The University of Tokyo / Senior Adjunct Fellow, JIIA)
  Mr. Akihiko Yasui (Head, Research Department-Europe and the Americas, Mizuho Research Institute Ltd.)
  Ms. Naoko Funatsu  (Research Fellow, JIIA)
  Amb. Kenichiro Sasae  (President, JIIA / Former Japanese Ambassador to the U.S.)
(watch video by youtube)

JIIA Forum / Symposium [Video streaming(open access)] | 2018-12-03
JIIA-WCFIA Symposium "Origins of Prosperity and Stability: State Building in 20th Century Asia" (2018-10-12)
(Co-host by JIIA and Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University)
Part 1(Keynote Speech) / Part 2(Panel Session)      (watch video by youtube)



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JIIA Forum / Symposium

JIIA Open Symposium "Reviewing the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections "
(2018-11-27) Video

Theme:“What American Public Opinion Tells Us About the 2018 Mid-Term Elections and Beyond" Speaker:Mr. Bruce Stokes(Director of Global Economic Attitudes, Pew Research Center)
(2018-11-15) Video

Theme: “Challenges to the World Trading Systems and a Role of WTO”
Speaker: Amb. Roberto Azevedo (Director-General, WTO)
(2018-11-08) Video

JIIA-WCFIA Symposium "Origins of Prosperity and Stability: State Building in 20th Century Asia" Part 1(Keynote Speech)
(2018-10-12) Video

JIIA-WCFIA Symposium "Origins of Prosperity and Stability: State Building in 20th Century Asia" Part 2(Panel Session)
(2018-10-12) Video

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3rd Japan-India Dialogue, Tokyo

Japan-US Security Seminar Follow-up Meeting, Washington, DC

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JIIA Strategic Comments

Commentary and policy recommendations from JIIA experts on current strategic issues.

A Look Back at the 2018 US Midterm Elections
Naoko Funatsu (Research Fellow)

The Strategic Significance of US Vice President Pence’s Address
Yasunori Nakayama (Director General (Acting), JIIA)

US told Russia It Is Leaving INF Treaty: Possible Impacts on the Asia-Pacific Security
Hirofumi Tosaki, Senior Research Fellow / Miho Okada, Research Fellow / Hironori Fushita, Research Fellow


AJISS-Commentary is an occasional op-ed type publication. It aims to present a variety of Japanese views on international relations to international intellectuals interested in Japanese external policy.

The Roles of Japan and ASEAN in Concluding RCEP Negotiations
Achieving an East Asian Mega-FTA in the Midst of Growing Protectionism

Kazushi Shimizu (29 August 2018)

The US-led Trade War: Towards a Rule-based Solution
Junji Nakagawa (19 July 2018)

Japan-EU EPA Moving Towards Ratification: Its Significance and Prospects
Soko Tanaka (11 July 2018)

Premier Li Keqiang reveals China's true motive: "China-Japan relations have returned to a path of normality"
Katsuji Nakazawa (29 June 2018)

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Ongoing Research Programs (FY2017-2019)

A. The Resilience of the "Open Liberal International Order": The Situations of the US, China and Europe, and their Impacts

A-1: The Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy and Japan-US Relations

A-2: China’s Foreign Policy and Other Countries’ China Policies

A-3: Europe in Turbulence

B. Bottom-up Review of Security Policy

B-1: Bottom-up Review (Security Research)

B-2: Korean Peninsula in an ‘Age of Uncertainty’ and Japan’s Foreign / Security Policy

B-3: Post-Putin Russia


C-1: World Economy

C-2: Global Risk

Subgroup (1) Analysis of Current Situation in the Middle East and Energy Issues
Subgroup (2) Analysis of Populism and Demographic Shift (Immigrant and Refugee) Issues

D-1: Rule of Law in the Indo-Pacific: Japan’s foreign policy for enhancing global public goods

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Kokusai Mondai (International Affairs)

No.676 November 2018 The Many Aspects of "Electoral Authoritarianism"

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Vol.2 No.1 Summer 2018


What Do Alliances Mean to the US?
(Fumiaki Kubo ed., 2013)

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