JIIA Forum / Symposium

JIIA Open Symposium "Rule of Law and Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific: Japan’s Foreign Policy for Enhancing Global Public Goods"
(2019-02-05) Video

Theme: “North Korean Nuclear Issue and the Japan-US Alliance"
(2019-01-16) Video

JIIA Open Symposium "Reviewing the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections "
(2018-11-27) Video

JIIA-WCFIA Symposium "Origins of Prosperity and Stability: State Building in 20th Century Asia" Part 1(Keynote Speech)
(2018-10-12) Video

JIIA-WCFIA Symposium "Origins of Prosperity and Stability: State Building in 20th Century Asia" Part 2(Panel Session)
(2018-10-12) Video

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Media Exposure

Feb 7

Panelist in C dans l'air (France TV) by Valérie Niquet, Senior Visiting Fellow, «Huawei : qui a peur du géant chinois ? (Huawei: who fears the Chinese giant?)»

Feb 6

Interview by The Diplomat with by J. Berkshire Miller, Senior Visiting Fellow, "Jonathan B. Miller on Japan's Foreign and Defense Policies Under Shinzo Abe"

Feb 1

Contribution to the World Politics Review(U.S.) by J. Berkshire Miller, Senior Visting Fellow, “Japan’s Abe Is Eyeing His Legacy. But First He Has to Get Through This Year”

Feb 1

Commentary in france culture(Radio France) by Valérie Niquet, Senior Visiting Fellow, «Les deux Chine : Taïwan face à Xi Jinping (Two Chinas - Taiwan faces Xi Jinping)»

Jan 31

Contribution to Japan Forward (Sankei Shimbun) by Monika Chansoria, Senior Visiting Fellow, "ASEAN Centrality: Caught in the Trap of China’s Regionalism"

Jan 27

Comments in CNN by J. Berkshire Miller, Senior Visiting Fellow ("Why a military spat between Japan and South Korea could snowball into crisis")

Jan 23

[BOOK] « Tiananmen trente ans après : quel héritage ? », GeoHistoire, no.43, février-mars 2019 by Valérie Niquet, Senior Visiting Fellow

Jan 14

Comments in the Japan Times by J. Berkshire Miller, Senior Visting Fellow, (“Tokyo set 30-day deadline for Seoul over talks on forced labor rulings, South Korean media reports”)

Jan 13

Comments in Arirang TV (Korea) by J. Berkshire Miller, Senior Visiting Fellow, (“Deteriorating Korea-Japan relations”)

Jan 10

Panel discussion in "CPTPP, RCEP and the Future of Asian Trade" (hosted by Asia Society Policy Institute)

Jan 9

Panel discussion in "2019 U.S.-Japan Security Seminar: Challenges and Opportunities for the Alliance" (co-hosted by JIIA-CSIS)

Jan 4

Panelist in C dans l'air (France TV) by Valérie Niquet, Senior Visiting Fellow, «Qui peut arrêter la Chine ?» (Who can stop China ?)

Jan 1

Panelist in DU GRAIN À MOUDRE (Radio France/france culture) by Valérie Niquet, Senior Visiting Fellow, «Chine - États-Unis : le combat du siècle ?» (China - United States: the fight of the century?)

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International Conference

March 2015

3rd Japan-India Dialogue, Tokyo

Japan-US Security Seminar Follow-up Meeting, Washington, DC

February 2015

8th JIIA-IPIS (Institute for Political and International Studies, Iran) Roundtable, Tehran

2nd JIIA-CSR (Center for Strategic Research, Expediency Discernment Council, Iran) Dialogue, Tehran

JIIA-IIRI (Ilmin International Relations Institute (IIRI), Korea University) Dialogue, Seoul

JIIA-RAND Corporation Dialogue, Tokyo

January 2015

4th JIIA-INSS (Institute for National Security Strategy, South Korea) Dialogue, Tokyo

December 2014

3rd JIIA-IIS (Institute of International Studies, Fudan University, China) Dialogue, Tokyo

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JIIA Strategic Comments

Commentary and policy recommendations from JIIA experts on current strategic issues.

Japan-Russia Peace Treaty Negotiations – Past Developments and Future Points
Hironori Fushita (Research Fellow)

The Multi-Domain Defense Force: Assessment and Challenges
Tetsuo Kotani (Senior Fellow, The Japan Institute of International Affairs / Associate Professor, Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Meikai University)

The Future of the Iran Nuclear Agreement after US Withdrawal –
Responses by Various Parties to Increasingly Harsh “Secondary Sanctions”

Mari Nukii (Research Fellow)

Export Controls for Emerging Technologies:
The Implications of DOC’s Recent Notice

Yoshiaki Takayama / (Research Fellow, Center for the Promotion of Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (CPDNP), JIIA)

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AJISS-Commentary is an occasional op-ed type publication. It aims to present a variety of Japanese views on international relations to international intellectuals interested in Japanese external policy.

Overcoming One of the Greatest Challenges in the Twenty Years Since the Japan-South Korea Joint Declaration
Tetsuya Hakoda (2018-12-21)

Advancing into a New Era for India-Japan Relations
Shuji Uchikawa (2018-12-17)

The Roles of Japan and ASEAN in Concluding RCEP Negotiations
Achieving an East Asian Mega-FTA in the Midst of Growing Protectionism

Kazushi Shimizu (2018-08-29)

The US-led Trade War: Towards a Rule-based Solution
Junji Nakagawa (2018-07-19)

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Ongoing Research Programs (FY2017-2019)

A. The Resilience of the "Open Liberal International Order": The Situations of the US, China and Europe, and their Impacts

A-1: The Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy and Japan-US Relations

A-2: China’s Foreign Policy and Other Countries’ China Policies

A-3: Europe in Turbulence

B. Bottom-up Review of Security Policy

B-1: Bottom-up Review (Security Research)

B-2: Korean Peninsula in an ‘Age of Uncertainty’ and Japan’s Foreign / Security Policy

B-3: Post-Putin Russia


C-1: World Economy

C-2: Global Risk

Subgroup (1) Analysis of Current Situation in the Middle East and Energy Issues
Subgroup (2) Analysis of Populism and Demographic Shift (Immigrant and Refugee) Issues

D-1: Rule of Law in the Indo-Pacific: Japan’s foreign policy for enhancing global public goods

Research Outcomes

D-1: Rule of Law in the Indo-Pacific
   Indo-Pacific Focus

More Projects and Outcomes

Japan Digital Library Archive of high-quality scholary works translated from Japanese to English


JIIA Annual Brochure 2018

A highlight of JIIA's recent activities and a summary of its organization.



Kokusai Mondai (International Affairs)

No.678 January-February 2019 "Multilateral Diplomacy under Challenge: Japan’s Response"

Japan Review

Vol.2 No.2 Fall 2018
"150th Anniversary of Meiji Restoration"


What Do Alliances Mean to the US?
(Fumiaki Kubo ed., 2013)

More Publication