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JIIA translates research articles from Japanese to English to promote high-quality Japanese scholarly works on international relations. All articles are open for personal use and research. For citation information, please refer to the description of each article.

The Latest Series : Japan's Contribution to International Peace and Security Series (March 2018)

These articles were translated by JIIA from Japanese into English as to promote Japanese scholarly works on Japan’s diplomacy. JIIA takes full responsibility for the translation of these articles. To obtain permission to use these articles beyond the scope of your personal use and research, please contact JIIA by e-mail ().

Citation: Japan’s Contribution to International Peace and Security Series (March 2018), http://www2.jiia.or.jp/en/digital_library/peace.php

  1. Koichi Morikawa, “The Reach of Responses to Gray-Zone Situations and Their Legal Nature”
    Originally published as Koichi Morikawa "Gurezon no Jitaitaisho no Shatei to sono Houtekiseishitu" in Kokusai Mondai [International Affairs] No. 648 (2016), pp.29-38.

  2. Saburo Takizawa, “Japan’s Refugee Policy: Issues and Outlook”
    Originally published as Saburo Takizawa "Nihon no "Nanminseisaku" no Kadai to Tembou" in Kokusai Mondai [International Affairs] No.662 (2017), pp.38-50.