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Rule of Law Series (March 2015)

These articles were translated by JIIA from Japanese into English as part of a research project sponsored by the Government of Japan to promote academic studies on the rule of law. JIIA takes full responsibility for the translation of these articles. To obtain permission to use these articles beyond the scope of your personal use and research, please contact JIIA by e-mail ().

Citation: Rule of Law Series, Japan Digital Library (March 2015), http://www2.jiia.or.jp/en/digital_library/rule_of_law.php

  1. Kyoko Hamakawa, "Issues on the Title of the Senkaku Islands: Analysis of the Viewpoints of Japan and China"
    Originally published as 濱川今日子 「尖閣諸島の領有をめぐる 論点―日中両国の見解を中心に」『調査と情報-Issue Brief』 No. 565、国立国会図書館調査及び立法考査局、 2007年2月、1-10頁

  2. Yasuo Nakauchi, "Issues Surrounding the Senkaku Islands and the Japan-China Relationship: A History from Japan's Territorial Incorporation to the Present Day and Contemporary Issues"
    Originally published as 中内康夫 「尖閣諸島をめぐる問題と日中関係:日本の領土編入から今日までの経緯と今後の課題」『立法と調査』334号、参議院事務局企画調整室、2012年、69-84頁

  3. Toshio Okuhara, "Territorial Sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands"
    Originally published as 奥原敏雄 「尖閣列島の領有権」『現代の法律問題―時の法を探る―』法学書院、1979年、237-260頁

  4. Kentaro Serita, "The Senkaku Islands"
    Originally published as 芹田健太郎 「尖閣」国際法事例研究会『日本の国際法事例研究(3)領土』、慶應通信、1990年、149-164頁

  5. Ayano Shimabukuro, "The Circumstances Surrounding the 'Letter of Appreciation' as Seen from the Documentary Records of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs"
    Originally published as 島袋綾野 「外務省記録文書に見る『感謝状』のいきさつ」『石垣市立八重山博物館紀要』第22号、2013年、63-76頁

  6. Susumu Takai, "The Alleged Title over the Island of Takeshima Invoked by the Republic of Korea"
    Originally published as 髙井晉 「韓国の竹島領有論」防衛法学会編『防衛法研究』第37号、2013年、51-67頁

  7. Takashi Tsukamoto, "An Outline of the Territorial Dispute over Takeshima"
    Originally published as 塚本孝 「竹島領有権問題の経緯【第三版】」『調査と情報-Issue Brief-』No. 701、国立国会図書館調査及び立法考査局、2011年2月、1-10頁 

  8. Arata Yokokawa, "Takeshima" 
    Originally published as 横川新 「竹島」国際法事例研究会『日本の国際法事例研究(3)領土』慶應通信、1990年、165-183頁