Research Projects

JIIA is engaged in a range of research on international political, economic and security issues such as global power shifts, nuclear non-proliferation, regional integration, terrorism and energy. Our research focuses on policy analysis and recommendations as well as the dissemination of information to stimulate informed public debate. Our study groups/taskforces bring together distinguished scholars and practitioners for one- or two-year periods of intense research, and their findings are presented in reports and publications as well as in public forums often highlighted by the media.

Ongoing Projects

Major developments in the US and China and US-China relations amidst turmoil in the international order (FY2015-2016)

Security policy reality check - New security legislation/guidelines and circumstances on the Korean Peninsula and in the Middle East - (FY2015-2016)

Issues Facing the Rule of Law in the Indo-Pacific and Maritime Security (Country Profile) (FY2015-2016)

New developments in the Asia-Pacific's post-TPP economic order - Acceleration of inclusive economic partnerships and correspondence analysis of excluded areas (FY2015-2016)

Ⅰ. The Post-TPP Trade Architecture
Ⅱ. Examination of Russia's eastward shift

Research Outcomes

Japan-US Kanazawa Conference:"Young Experts Summit on China to 2030"(December 11-14, 2015)

[Project Report] "US-Japan Relations and Southeast Asia: Meeting Regional Demands"

Japan`s Resource Diplomacy and Energy Cooperation (FY2014-2015)

Japan's Territorial Issues and the Historical Understandings of the Concerned Countries – Case Studies on the Senkaku Islands, Takeshima and the Northern Territories – (FY2013)

Japanese Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific Age: Toward a Collaborative Relationship with Emerging Powers(FY2013-2014)

The Middle East as a Global Strategic Challenge – Outlook in 2030 and Responses(FY2013-2014)

Research on radical Islamist activities and strife over natural resources in the Sahara region – from the perspective of Middle Eastern states vis-à-vis global actors(FY2013-2014)

China Risk and Efforts toward Regional Economic Integration(FY2013-2014)

Rising Challenges for the Japan-U.S. Alliance in the Global Commons (Cyberspace, Outer Space, and the Arctic Ocean) (FY2013-2014)

The transformation of Russia's political system and its impact on foreign policy(FY2012)

The future of the Arab Spring(FY2012)

Humanitarian assistance trends in the international community and Japan's role(FY2012)

The security order in Asia (in particular, the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean)(FY2012)

The transformation of Russia's political system and its impact on foreign policy(FY2012)

China during a change of administration: overview of the Hu Jintao era and prospects for the Xi Jinping era(FY2012)

The present and future of regional integration(FY2012)

Arctic governance and Japan's diplomatic strategy(FY2012)

North Korea in 2012(FY2012)

New developments in US domestic and foreign affairs(FY2012)

Japan's International Competitiveness(FY2011)

The Place of Alliances in US Foreign Policy(FY2011)

Medium- to Long-term Prospects for Japan-US-China Relations(FY2011)

China's Foreign Aid(FY2011)

Maritime Security and Safety(FY2011)

Energy, Environment and Modernization in Russia(FY2011)

Political Turbulence in the Middle East(FY2011)

The Rise of Emerging Countries and the Future of Global Governance(FY2011)

Atoms for the Sustainable Future - PhaseⅢ(FY2011)

The Place of Alliances in US Foreign Policy(FY2010)

Japan-US Alliance as Public Goods and Japan's Role(FY2010)

China's Foreign Aid(FY2010)

Issue-Specific Analysis of Chinese Diplomacy(FY2010)

A Multi-layered Approach towards North Korean Regime: Political, Economical,Diplomatic, and Societal(FY2010)

Regional Integration(FY2010)

Energy, Environment and Modernization in Russia(FY2010)

The Middle East Peace Process(FY2010)

The World and Japan's Foreign Policy in the Future: Prospects in 20 Years(FY2010)

Atoms for the Sustainable Future - PhaseⅡ(FY2010)

Infrastructure of American Politics(FY2009)

Issue-Specific Analysis of Chinese Diplomacy(FY2009)


NATO at a Crossroads(FY2009)

Report:(Japanese only)f

Russian policy-making(FY2009)

Situations in Iran(FY2009)


Atoms for the Sustainable Future - PhaseⅠ(FY2009)

Scenario Planning for the Korean Peninsula(FY2013-2014)

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JIIA Annual Brochure 2017

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Kokusai Mondai (International Affairs)

No.661 May 2017 "Recent Developments in Chinese Foreign Policy"


What Do Alliances Mean to the US?
(Fumiaki Kubo ed., 2013)

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