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The “Indo-Pacific Focus” is the online commentary and analysis column of one of study groups under the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), “Rule of law in Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific: Japan’s foreign policy for enhancing global public goods”.

This column attempts to promote the better understandings of ongoing regional issues in the Indo-Pacific region that covers the Indian and Pacific Oceans and their rim states. Invited authors focus on individual states’ maritime security policies as well as timely and policy-relevant topics, such as geopolitics (US-China rivalry, maritime security), geoeconomics (infrastructure development, trade and investment), and emerging new types of challenge, foreign interference and competition for technology, etc.



The views expressed here are those of the individual authors and don’t represent the views of JIIA or the institutions to which the authors are affiliated.


 Author, Title, Indo-Pacific Focus, No. X (DD, MM, YYYY), The Japan Institute of International Affairs

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