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公開セミナー「日本とスペイン―戦略的協調」 (セッション1)(2018-04-19)

Welcome Remarks
 Koichi Ai, Director General (Acting), the Japan Institute for International Affairs
Keynote Speech
 Josep Piqué, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain
“General assessment of the relationship between Japan and Spain and its significance in a multipolar world.”
Session1: Global Perspectives/ Multilateralism (Moderator: Koichi Ai, Director General (Acting), JIIA)
-Charles Powell, Director, Elcano Royal Institute:
“Spain-Japan and the maintenance of the liberal international order”
-Ken Endo, Professor, Hokkaido University
“Japan & Europe in the age of developed countries' risk”
The Seminar is co-hosted by the JIIA, Japan and by the Elcano Royal Instutitute, Spain with the support of the the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Japan.(今回は英語音声のみです)
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