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Session 2: Security Threats and Possible Cooperation (Moderator: Charles Powell, Director, Elcano Royal Institute)
-Mario Esteban, Senior Analyst for Asia-Pacific, Elcano Royal Institute:
“Spain-Japan cooperation on common threats and international peacekeeping”
-Hideshi Tokuchi, Senior fellow, GRIPS, Former Vice-Minister of Defense for International Affairs:
“Making Security Policy in the Acute Regional Security Environment”
Session 3: Regionalism and Regional Economic Order (Moderator: Shu Nakagawa, Director of Research Coordination)
- Miguel Otero, Senior Analyst International Political Economy, Elcano Royal Institute:
“Economic reforms and processes of regional integration”
- Masayuki Tadokoro, Professor, Keio University
“Japan & Europe in the age of developed countries' risk”
Concluding Remarks
- Charles Powell, Director, Elcano Royal Institute
The Seminar is co-hosted by the JIIA, Japan and by the Elcano Royal Instutitute, Spain with the support of the the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Japan.(今回は英語音声のみです)
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