Policy recommendations
 Policy recommendations for Middle East Peace Process (July 2002)
 Summary papers
 "Seminar on Promotion of Foreign Direct Investments in Southeast Europe "
  :Summary paper prepared by the Japan Institute of International Affairs
(November 8, 2002)
 JIIA Invitational Lecture
  "South Eastern Europe: From Stabilization to European Integration"
 Lecture by Erhard Busek, Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe: Summary paper prepared by the Japan Institute of International Affairs

(April 23, 2003)  [PDF format 47.0K]
  "Austria's Role in an Enlarged European Union"
Statement by the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner
(19 October 2001)  [PDF format 26.1K]
 "Europe Entering The 21st Century:Inventing The Future"
Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt (Belgium)
(23 Febrary 2001)
 Conference report
International Symposium    "Japan-ASEAN Security Symposium 2003"
(9-10 October 2003, Tokyo)
International Open Symposium    "In Search of Consideration of Peace in Africa"
(12 March 2003)
International Open Symposium    "Okinawa's Vision: As an Actor in the Asia-Pacific"
(22 January 2003)
International Symposium    The UNU-JIIA Symposium on UNTAET: Debriefing and Lessons
(18 September 2002)
International Symposium    "The 'States (Political Entity)' and Governance in Africa"
(28 March 2002)
International Symposium "At The Front Lines of Conflict Prevention in Asia"
(6-7 July 2001)
Open Symposium    "Conflicts in Africa and a Culture of Peace and Coexistence"
(15 - 16 Feburary 2001)
  The 2nd Canada-Japan Symposium on Peace and Security Cooperation
List of Participants / Symposium Program
(17 - 18 November 2000)  [PDF format 60.9K]
Towards Vision 2020:
    "ASEAN - Japan Consultation Conference on the Hanoi Plan of Action"
(October 2000)
  The JIIA-Ifri 9th Joint Conference
"Japan-Europe Cooperation toward the 21st Century"  
(25 - 26 September 2000, Paris)  [PDF format 485K]
International Symposium     "The Role of NGOs in Conflict Prevention"
(9 - 10 June 2000)
JIIA 40th Anniversary Symposium   "In Quest of Human Security"
  Preface   Contents
(11-12 December 1999, Tokyo)
 JIIA Working Paper
   "Yemen between Democratization and Prolonged Power"
by Hiroshi Matsumoto , 2002 [PDF File]
   "The Plight of African States and Good Governance"
by Sadaharu Kataoka , 2002 [PDF File]
 JIIA Fellowship Occasional Paper
Japan and South Asia: Are There Inter-related Security Concerns?
 Speeches by Former President Owada


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