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JIIA regularly organizes international conference to exchange opinions and discuss policies. We hold a variety of meetings at which officials, journalists, academics and other foreign-policy specialists debate world affairs.

2015 March

3rd Japan-India Dialogue, Tokyo

Japan-US Security Seminar Follow-up Meeting, Washington, DC

2015 February

8th JIIA-IPIS (Institute for Political and International Studies, Iran) Roundtable, Tehran

2nd JIIA-CSR (Center for Strategic Research, Expediency Discernment Council, Iran) Dialogue, Tehran

JIIA-IIRI (Ilmin International Relations Institute (IIRI), Korea University) Dialogue, Seoul

JIIA-RAND Corporation Dialogue, Tokyo

2015 January

4th JIIA-INSS (Institute for National Security Strategy, South Korea) Dialogue, Tokyo

2014 December

JIIA-IIR (Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University, Taiwan) Dialogue, Tokyo

3rd JIIA-IIS (Institute of International Studies, Fudan University, China) Dialogue, Tokyo

2014 November

7th Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Cooperation Forum, Seoul

4th Japan-ROK Dialogue, Seoul

2014 October

JIIA-DAV (Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam) Dialogue, Hanoi

3rd JIIA-INSS (Institute for National Security Studies, Israel) Dialogue, Tel Aviv

JIIA-CPR (Center for Political Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel) Dialogue, Tel Aviv

7th Japan-New Zealand Track II Meeting, Tokyo

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No.680 April 2019 "Protecting Human Rights via International Procedures"

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Vol.2 No.4 Spring 2019
"Japan and the Post-World War II Liberal International Order"


What Do Alliances Mean to the US?
(Fumiaki Kubo ed., 2013)

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