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JIIA regularly organizes important symposiums and forums and a variety of international conferences and other meetings that significantly contribute to enhancing public awareness on international affairs and developing global networks and collaboration. Distinguished speakers from around the world are invited to these symposiums/forums to speak on current international affairs and Japanese foreign policy and to offer the public their insights on issues.

JIIA Forum / Symposium

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Theme:“The Role of the ICJ in the Promotion of the Rule of Law”
Speaker: H.E. Ronny Abraham, President, International Court of Justice
(co-organized by JIIA/The Ministry of Foreign Affairs/The International Law Association, Japan Branch)
Welcome Remarks
  Mr. Koichi AI, Director General (Acting), JIIA
Opening Remarks
  Mr. Masahiro MIKAMI, Director General, International Legal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  H. E. Shunji YANAI, Judge, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea/ President, International Law Association Japan Branch
  H. E. Ronny ABRAHAM, President, International Court of Justice
  Prof. Yuji IWASAWA, University of Tokyo
Q and A
Japan-France Symposium "The New French Administration and the Potential for Cooperation between Japan and France" (2017-07-07)
Opening Remarks:
  Amb. Yoshiji NOGAMI, The Japan Institute of International Affairs(JIIA)
  Amb. Laurent Pic, Ambassador of France
Session 1 "The New French Administration and Future Prospects for the Political Situation"
  Presenter) Dr. Dominique Reynié, General directore of Fondapol
  Moderator) Prof. Hirotaka WATANABE, Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Institute of International Relations

*Due to organizer's circumstances, we only deliver up to the session 1 report.
*The languages are French and Japanese.

Theme: “The New French Presidency and the Future of European Integration”
Speaker: Mr. Thierry de Montbrial ,Founder and Executive chairman, Institut francais des relations internationales

Theme: "Is the Latest U.S.Russian Reset Dead on Arrival?"
Speaker: Prof. Timothy Colton , Morris and Anna Feldberg Professor of Government and Russian Studies, Harvard University

Theme:“Uncommon Alliance for the Common Good: The United States and Japan After the Cold War”
Speaker:Mr. James L. Schoff, Senior Fellow, Asia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Theme: "The Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy and Asia: Views from the Republican and Democratic Parties"
Speaker: Dr. Daniel Twining Counselor and Director, Asia Program, German Marshall Fund
               Daniel Fried Former Coordinator for Sanctions Policy
Comments: Keiko Iizuka Editor, International News Department, The Yomiuri Shimbun

Theme: "Australian security policy for the maintenance of the rules-based regional order in the Indo-Pacific region"
Speaker: Mr. Peter Jennings, PSM, Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute

JIIA Symposium "The History of Asia in the 20th Century–The Origins of Prosperity and Stability–"
Part I: "The Origins of Prosperity and Stability"
Welcoming Remarks: Yoshiji NOGAMI (President and Director General, JIIA)
Akihiko TANAKA (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
[Panel Discussion 1]
Moderator: Akihiko TANAKA (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Panelists: Thomas BERGER (Professor, Boston University) (US)
John PAGE (Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution) (US)
Kaoru SUGIHARA (Senior Professor, National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies) (Japan)
JIIA Symposium "The History of Asia in the 20th Century–The Origins of Prosperity and Stability–"
Part II: "Colonial Experience in Asia"
[Panel Discussion 2]
Moderator: Yoshiji NOGAMI (President and Director Genaral, JIIA)
Panelists: Brahma CHELLANEY (Professor, Centre for Policy Research) (India)
 Victor Andres MANHIT (President, Albert Del Rosario Institute) (Philippines)
 Vu Tung NGUYEN (President, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam) (Vietnam)
 Valérie NIQUET (Head of Asia Department, Foundation for Strategic Research) (France)
 Robert Nigel PEIRCE (Former British Diplomat and Hong Kong Government Senior Official) (UK)
JIIA Symposium "The History of Asia in the 20th Century–The Origins of Prosperity and Stability–"
Part III: "Japan’s Experience"
[Panel Discussion 3]
Moderator: Shingo YAMAGAMI (Director-General (Acting), JIIA) (Japan)
Panelists: Jeremy BLACK (Professor, University of Exeter) (UK)
 Nobukatsu KANEHARA (Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary) (Japan)  Shinichi KITAOKA (President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)) (Japan)
 MA Licheng (Deputy Editorials Director for Zhongguo Qingnian Bao (China Youth Daily) and Senior Editorials Director at Renmin Ribao (People's Daily)) (China)
Closing Remarks: Yoshiji NOGAMI (President and Director General, JIIA)
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