JIIA regularly organizes forums and conferences to enhance public awareness on international affairs and developing global networks and collaboration. Distinguished speakers from around the world are invited to these events to speak on current international affairs and policies and to offer their insights. These events provide useful ideas and analysis to policy makers, researchers and specialists as well as a wider public.

JIIA Forum / Symposium

JIIA organizes some 30 forums annually in which we invites distinguished speakers from Japan and abroad to address germane issues and offer insights on international relations and Japanese foreign policy.

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JIIA Open Symposium "Rule of Law and Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific: Japan窶冱 Foreign Policy for Enhancing Global Public Goods"(2019-02-05)
[Opening Remark] Yasunori NAKAYAMA (Director-General (Acting), JIIA)
[Keynote Speech]
  Tsutomu KIKUCHI (Professor and Vice presidents, Aoyama Gakuin University/Senior Adjunct Fellow, JIIA)
  窶廴aritime Security in the Indian Ocean and the Emergence of the Bay of Bengal Region窶
[Panel Discussion]
  窶廚hina窶冱 Maritime Expansion and Responses of Regional States: International Politics in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR)窶
Moderator: Tsutomu KIKUCHI
Panelists(Project Members):
  Mie OBA (Professor, Tokyo University of Science)
  Bonji OHARA (Senior Fellow, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation)
  Yoichi KATO (Senior Research Fellow, Asia Pacific Initiative)
  Tetsuo KOTANI (Associate Professor, Meikai University/Senior Fellow, JIIA)
  Ken JIMBO (Professor, Keio University)
[Q&A Session]
*This Symposium was conducted by the Chatham House Rule. (Chatham House Rule: Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participants, may be revealed.) Video

Theme: 窶廸orth Korean Nuclear Issue and the Japan-US Alliance"(2019-01-16)
Dr. Douglas H. Paal
  Distinguished Fellow, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Joseph Yun
  Senior Advisor to the Asia Center, United States Institute of Peace
Osamu Onoda
  Former Air Training Commander, JASDF
Tetsuo Kotani
  Associate Professor, Meikai University / Senior Fellow, JIIA
Moderator: Yasunori Nakayama, Director General, JIIA
(watch video by youtube) Video

JIIA Open Symposium "Reviewing the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections "(2018-11-27)
Dr. Fumiaki Kubo
 Professor, The University of Tokyo / Senior Adjunct Fellow, JIIA
Mr. Akihiko Yasui
 Head, Research Department-Europe and the Americas, Mizuho Research Institute Ltd.
Ms. Naoko Funatsu
 Research Fellow, JIIA

Amb. Kenichiro Sasae
 President, JIIA / Former Japanese Ambassador to the U.S.
(watch video by youtube) Video

Theme:窶弩hat American Public Opinion Tells Us About the 2018 Mid-Term Elections and Beyond" Speaker:Mr. Bruce Stokes(Director of Global Economic Attitudes, Pew Research Center)(2018-11-15)
(watch video by youtube) Video

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International Conference

JIIA regularly organizes international conference to exchange opinions and discuss policies. We hold a variety of meetings at which officials, journalists, academics and other foreign-policy specialists debate world affairs.

March 2015

3rd Japan-India Dialogue, Tokyo

Japan-US Security Seminar Follow-up Meeting, Washington, DC

February 2015

8th JIIA-IPIS (Institute for Political and International Studies, Iran) Roundtable, Tehran

2nd JIIA-CSR (Center for Strategic Research, Expediency Discernment Council, Iran) Dialogue, Tehran

JIIA-IIRI (Ilmin International Relations Institute (IIRI), Korea University) Dialogue, Seoul

JIIA-RAND Corporation Dialogue, Tokyo

January 2015

4th JIIA-INSS (Institute for National Security Strategy, South Korea) Dialogue, Tokyo

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